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  • Report:  State of Aging, Disability, & Family Caregiving in Allegheny County
    Released Dec 14th, 2022
    By Scott Beach, PhD (UCSUR); Christopher Briem, MPA (UCSUR); Janet Schlarb, MS (UCSUR); Everette James, JD, MBA (HPI); & Meredith Hughes, JD, MBA (HPI) - Funded by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation

  • Webinar:  Pittsburgh's Affordable Housing Crisis:  Is Privitization the Solution?
    Thursday March 3, 12:00 Noon (Eastern standard time) (Online)

    Panel discussion marks the release of a new UCSUR report on the social impacts of Pittsburgh’s economic development policies
    (Registration link)

    Mayor Gainey’s Transition Team has charged a team of community leaders with the task of generating recommendations for his administration to help make Pittsburgh a city that serves the needs of all of its residents. This new UCSUR report explores how the city’s emphasis on public-private partnerships and other privatization schemes to address housing needs has affected the availability of affordable housing. Authors evaluate the social impacts of such policies and show what has been learned from extensive research on privatization in other cities and countries. Is there a connection between privatization of housing and the long-term decline of the city’s African American population? The report provides an overview of alternative approaches that could better address the affordable housing needs of Pittsburgh residents. The research team will join community leaders who are part of the Mayor’s Transition Team in discussing how this work can inform the new administration.

    * Randall Taylor, Penn Plaza Support & Action Coalition
    * Daniel McClymonds, Connor Chapman, & Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh

    * Monica Ruiz, Executive Director, Casa San Jose & Co-Chair, Gainey Transition Equitable Development Committee
    * Jamil Bey, President, Urbankind Institute & Co-Chair, Gainey Transition Infrastructure & Environment Committee

    Sabina Deitrick & Chris Briem, University Center for Social and Urban Research

    University of Pittsburgh University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh Human Rights Working Group, & Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance

    Register:  here

    Download the corresponding report and presentation slides.
    March 3rd Webinar

  • Pittsburgh's Affordable Housing Crisis:  Is Privitization the Solution?
    Released Feb. 2022
    By Daniel McClymonds, Jackie Smith, PhD, & Connor Chapman (University of Pittsburgh Department of Sociology) with Randall Taylor (Penn Plaza Support & Action Network)

    Research Paper by Sabina Deitrick & Christopher Briem
    Quality of life and demographic-racial dimensions of differences in most liveable Pittsburgh
    Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, 15 (2), 193-209 (2022)

  • Sabina Deitrick, PhD:  Co-editor
    When Fracking Comes to Town: Governance, Planning, and the Economic Impacts of the Shale Gas Boom
    (Cornell University Press)
    Fracking Book     Fracking Scan
  • Steven D. Manners Research Development Awards: 
    2022 Announcement
    Released January 2022



Report: Marshall Plan for Middle America
Released November 2020

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Center Highlights
The mission of the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) is to work collaboratively to conduct interdisciplinary research that improves communities and addresses social, economic, health, and policy issues most relevant to society. UCSUR carries out this mission by providing research support infrastructure and training; conducting original research in a few focused areas, including urban impact analysis, survey methodology, and psychosocial aspects of aging; and enhancing access to local and national policy-relevant data.

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