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Urban & Regional Analysis Program

Sabina DeitrickUCSUR’s Urban and Regional Analysis (URAP) Program analyzes major economic and demographic trends in the Pittsburgh region in national and international contexts. URA brings together faculty, research staff, and graduate students to examine important urban and regional issues, with the results disseminated widely to state and regional policymakers, local officials, and community and economic development organizations. URAP also partners with other researchers and organizations around the globe to advance urban and regional knowledge. URAP’s research extends from regional development to community change and examines their consequences for regional restructuring, equity implications, and policy analysis. In addition to the performance of the regional economy, specific strategic economic sectors are examined through in-depth studies and their implications for workforce development and job creation. The program also fosters the development of new methods of data collection and analysis. URAP research is published in scholarly journals and technical reports and has been an important element of UCSUR’s commitment to providing regional economic development analysis to both the academic community and the Pittsburgh region. Through URAP's work, UCSUR is one of two research affiliates of the Pennsylvania State Data Center, the official source of demographic and economic data for the state. 





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