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Greg Six

Greg Six

Administration, Business Operations
· Director of Adminstration

UCSUR's Greg Six a Kind and Gentle Man Gone too Soon

Gregory A. Six, Director of Administration for the University Center for Social & Urban Research (UCSUR) died unexpectedly on January 22, 2024 at age 58.

Greg captained UCSUR’s financial ship for 16 plus years of the Center’s over 50-year history.  Through rough seas and calm, Greg remained steadfast with his patience, generosity of time, knowledge, and relaxed demeanor.  Enter his office or give him a call, and Greg would put down what he was working on to answer questions, guide, and reassure colleagues.  This was true for faculty, researchers, staff, or temporary employees alike.  Greg operated with an open-door policy.  All were welcome to enter his office and discuss work budgets as well as life.  At times, the “budget talk” was just an excuse to dip into Greg’s endless bowl of Skittles that sat on the edge of his desk.  He was described by close colleagues as, “the most supportive and encouraging leader.”

Greg oversaw business operations for the Center and was primarily responsible for upgrading the organizational infrastructure to adhere to current and developing compliance standards.  He was a champion for staff training, diversification, and compensation.  In addition, he was a productive and successful liaison with other university business offices as well as outside public and private organizations.  He was admired, respected, and well liked among his peers.  Greg’s positive and constructive business approach served to maintain healthy relationships with UCSUR’s staff, partners, and clients.

Greg came to Pitt in 1993 where he worked for Sharon Sobol in General Accounting.  While in General Accounting, Greg handled vendor and student check signing and distribution for the University.  He also processed financial data for the general ledger and assisted with monthly financial closings.

From 1996 to 2007 Greg was employed as a Financial Administrator at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business where he worked under the late Dean H.J. “Jerry” Zoffer and former Dean Frederick W. Winter.  At the Katz School Greg modernized the Faculty Budgets system, creating a database to streamline communication and operations.

Beyond the office Greg was an all-star outfielder who played for the Pitt Business team during the late 90’s and early 2000’s in Pitt’s intramural co-ed softball league.  The softball league then run by the late Rande J. Stottlemyer, Pitt’s legendary wrestling coach, was a highlight of after work social activity during this time.  Greg was the star of the team and could crush the ball into the stands at the old Pitt Stadium when batting left-handed or smash the ball down to the opposite 20-yard line of the football field when batting righty.  These impressive slugging feats were frequently overshadowed by sliding catches far out in left-center field as he tracked down and caught thunderous blows from the opponents.  Greg was a talented athlete and determined competitor.  The team to beat back in those days was Athletics in which Rande was the coach and pitcher – a clever and crafty pitcher it should be added.  Overall, the team from Athletics was loaded with talent.  The Pitt Business team and the Athletics team often met in the championship game with most of the wins going to Athletics.  Eventually the Pitt Business Team, led by Greg, finally beat Athletics for the intramural title.  It was a highlight of Greg’s time at Pitt and the victory was talked about often.

Even further beyond the office, and more importantly, Greg was a super-star father, fiancé, son, brother, and friend.  Greg was a treasure hunter always on the lookout for Herkimer diamonds.  When they were younger, he treasured planning trips with his kids, Taryn and Greg II, for precious gemstone hunting in various states.  The joy his family brought to him was the most important thing in his life.  Our hearts are broken for Greg's family, especially so for his fiancé and our Pitt colleague Kristina.

Greg loved nature and lived on acres of green land filled with wild deer, quail, and other animals.  He even raised baby quail until they were old enough to be released into the outdoors.  Colleagues remember the many stories of excitement and hard work Greg shared when building his house from scratch in this idyllic location.  Close staff vividly recall a final remote Zoom meeting with Greg that ended with him walking out onto his deck and calling out, “babies, babies!”  Soon at least six deer come out of the trees to be fed by this kind and gentle man.  He is described by his family as, “their one-in-a-million, a person who made every moment special.”

Greg, or “G6” as his email salutation often indicated, will be missed profoundly by all who knew him.

- Greg's Pitt Family



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